What is Blended e-learning?

Blended refers to an integration of:

  1. real-time interaction in a class with a specialized teacher who will create an environment ideal for oral production in class and will provide you with immediate feedback.
  2. self-directed learning outside of class at the time and place of your convenience.

To summarize, Blended e-learning at Wespeak is:

  • access to a wide variety of resources on your personal computer or phone.
  • studying online with tutors as facilitators.
  • downloading content to mobile devices, using podcasts, platforms, and reliable websites to learn and share.
  • using a virtual learning environment to access materials and ask questions when you are not in class.
  • using our platform to exchange messages while we are on the move.
  • doing reading and listening at home and using class time to practice conversations and role-plays using real-life, authentic simulations focused on problem solving.