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Disagreeing and persuading

Are you good at persuading people? Do you know how to express disagreement? Knowing how to use language for disagreeing with or persuading people is incredibly useful when debating. Head over to the episode and listen to a segment of one of my classes where two students, Mafer and Milton, debate the following topic: “All…

My healthcare experience in the USA

Me: So how much is a visit? Receptionist: 176 dollars Me: Oh, but I have insurance (me being as naive as a new American resident can be) Receptionist: Yes, I know, the price you see on the website, 60 dollars for a consultation, is the price you pay only after reaching your deductible. I got…

Practice making English questions about “Paraty”

Paraty is one of my favorite cities in Brazil. It’s an old, colonial city that makes you feel you are traveling back in time. Today we’ll do both, practice making questions in English at the same time we learn a little about this picturesque town. Read the questions and answers below and notice the verb…

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