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Kitchen verbs

How many kitchen verbs do you know? Go over this presentation and test your knowledge! Step 1: Study with the flashcards Read the definitions aloud and look at the pictures. Step 2: Download the flashcards Click on the download button to download the flashcards in PDF format. Go over them again next week and test… Continue reading Kitchen verbs

Instructions at the doctor’s office

What are the doctor’s instructions when you have a check-up? Today one of our basic students, Rodrigo, will help you learn some new vocabulary used at the doctor’s office. Step 1: Watch the video Step 2: Do the exercises

Science verbs

How many science verbs do you know in English? Learn new science vocabulary by following two simple steps. Step 1: Watch the video While you watch listen and repeat after me. I recommend taking notes of each new word to practice spelling. In this video you will learn 19 science verbs in English. Step 2:… Continue reading Science verbs

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