Frequently asked questions

How do I get a free class?

You need to take a placement test to join a class for free. Your test results are necessary to know the level of the class you will be invited to join. To take the test click on the following link Placement test

What do I need for my class?

We deliver our classes through Zoom. You only need:

  • a microphone and speaker
  • an internet connection

To test your connection, audio and video, we have a technical test before the oral test, that way we can make sure you are ready to join your class.

Take your online class from your house, a coffee shop or in front of the ocean!

preguntas frecuentes
English class from a coffee shop in Colombia.


What class should I take?

Regular English classes

If you are a real beginner or have started but didn’t finish your English studies, you need to take a course with the 4 skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – integrated in your course of studies. You can choose between group or individual classes.

Our levels:

  • Beginner – A1
  • Basic level – A2
  • Intermediate level – B1
  • Independent level B2

For students who are already taking English lessons or for upper basic students (A2) or above

If you want to practice conversation, we recommend you sign up for our Conversation workshop, which will help you gain fluency and vocabulary to speak English confidently in real-life situations. Our conversation workshop is the most popular, but we also have these other workshops available:

  • Vocabulary workshop
  • Phrasal verbs workshop
  • Listening comprehension workshop
  • Reading comprehension workshop
  • Interviews workshop
  • Business English

Unlike the Regular English classes, workshops focus on a specific aspect of the language that needs improvement. They are made up of 12 academic hours per month and you can sign up for either group or private classes.