B2, Podcast

Disagreeing and persuading

Are you good at persuading people? Do you know how to express disagreement?

Knowing how to use language for disagreeing with or persuading people is incredibly useful when debating. Head over to the episode and listen to a segment of one of my classes where two students, Mafer and Milton, debate the following topic:

“All students caught cheating should automatically fail the course and be required to take the entire course the following year.”

Listen carefully to their conversation and notice the expressions they use for disagreeing and persuading.

Expressions used for debating

Do you want to be ready to use these expression in English class? Download and print the document below and have it on hand when doing speaking activities.

How do I practice using these expressions?

You can practice with a classmate, a friend who is interested in improving his/her language skills or you can do it like we do it at WeSpeak Idiomas, in our conversation workshop 🙂 Whichever way you choose, just keep practicing!

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