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There are many ways to increase your exposure to English even if you don’t have time to sit in front of a computer and watch a screen. For example, you can listen to music or podcasts!

In our WeSpeak English Podcast you’ll listen to recorded classes on conversation strategies that will help you improve your speaking skills. You will also listen to segments of life classes I have with my regular students, where we will tackle pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary mistakes.

Come join me!

Expressions for disagreeing and persuading WeSpeak English

In this episode I will be sharing a segment of one of my classes where two students, Mafer and Milton, debate the following topic: "All students caught cheating should automatically fail the course and be required to take the entire course the following year." Listen carefully to their conversation and notice what expressions they use for disagreeing and persuading. Head over to https://wespeakidiomas.com/2022/08/27/disagreeing-and-persuading/ for a list of expressions to give opinions, disagree with opinions, clarify your ideas and persuade someone you don’t agree wit.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wespeakenglish/message
  1. Expressions for disagreeing and persuading
  2. The Present Perfect to make comments
  3. Collocations with "party"
  4. Grammar: Using "prefer" with gerunds
  5. Vocabulary: Savage or wild?
  6. Asking for favors
  7. Reacting to a story
  8. Asking politely
  9. Responding to suggestions
  10. Checking information

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