Blogmas Day 18: How to have a Greener Christmas.

I found great ideas for a greener Christmas on this blog. Give it a read!

Write On Ejaleigh!

Recently, we have started to become aware of the harm we are doing to our planet by having so much excess at Christmas. It seems quite interesting that we appear to be returning to the Seventies when people had much less money and yet still seemed to enjoy the Christmas albeit without Secret Santa, Elf on the Shelf, endless gifting and enough food to keep you going until the Spring. I have been listening to quite a few programmes on Radio 4 extolling the virtues of having a greener Christmas. Whilst I am not quite at the stage of wrapping my presents in newspaper and giving used items away as gifts, then I would like to be more mindful of waste during the Festive Season. Here are some ideas that I shall be using and for some I have looked to my own childhood for inspiration. Planning is integral to…

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