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Teacher gone wild ;)

I have wanted to visit Texas for so long, for many reasons: my best friend, food, bats and the dry hot sunny weather. I am not a big fan of art exhibitions but this graffiti park is no ordinary gallery.

Teacher gone wild

This controversial Graffiti Park  is a popular attraction in the live music capital of the world. It is a pity that many argue it does not provide any historical value; apparently that was reason enough for the Austin’s Historic Landmark Commission to approve its demolition this year. However, the gallery will be thoroughly documented, with records preserved and archived by the Austin History Center. An example of this is the decision to relocate one of the concrete slabs from the old park to a location in East Austin just north of the airport near Carson Creek Ranch.


On the concrete slabs you can see street art depicting American and latin artists. There was one that particularly caught my attention and reminded me of one of my  favorite childhood Mexican TV shows, “El Chavo del 8”. Art here is constantly changing since part of this gallery’s beauty is the fact that it allows artists to paint over and over. See my artistic talent?

Loved it 🙂


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